The GPS Manifesto  

Poetry for All - Changing lives through poetry.


The GPS is for everyone.

Life is Poetry.


The Gloucestershire Poetry Society Core Values


Creative Freedom


Poetry can be about whatever you want in our online forums, events and submissions (unless stated in guidelines).

Everyone is welcome in The GPS, however, ad hominem attacks won’t be tolerated and neither will breeches of protected characteristics.

These are the only restrictions.


Creative Risk

We encourage creative risks. Not all ideas work but equally artists are encouraged, at every opportunity, to test the limits of what can be achieved. Innovation comes from making brave choices.



The Gloucestershire Poetry Society prides itself on having core values that we expect our members to uphold:



Be upright and show respect to everyone’s work.



Be consistent and assist poets who may need help.


Have the right intent and encourage creativity.


The GPS Closed Facebook Group

Our Closed Facebook group is about sharing poetry regardless of your experience and encourage more poetry. 

Critical analysis is only given after being requested. We have a separate Facebook Critical Group for open critique and feedback.

All forms of poetry are welcome, regardless of content. However, we reserve the right to moderate poetry that insights hatred.


All forms of poetry are equal

Poetry has been written and performed in various manners for centuries.

Some consider page the pinnacle of the art and others performance, both are correct as they are intertwined. 


Strive to be better

The Gloucestershire Poetry Society requires that its members create the best work they can; as true competition is the self.

Performance slot etiquette

If you are offered a performance slot at our events and you agree to attend, you will be expected to be there. 

If you cannot make an event, for whatever reason, please let us know a minimum of 24 before, as this is common courtesy (barring an emergency). 

If there is no notification of non-attendance, you will not be asked to perform again, as another poet could have had that opportunity and it’s disrespectful.