The Gloucester Poetry Festival

We have big plans ahead for the 2019 festival to bring you an even greater experience. Keep an eye on our Facebook festival page for updates or refer to our News blog. Our 2018 festival was extremely well received and we have had lots of positive feedback from both poets and visitors to our events, as well as some new talent joining the GPS.

2018 Festival

2018 has seen a massive growth of poetry in and around Gloucester. Local wordsmiths poured there molten poems from the furnace and shaped them with performance. These creations were been a revolutionary act, with poets and sonneteers arming themselves for the cultural battleground that is the modern world. We had guest workshops from the likes of Derek Dohren, Charlie Markwick and Clive Oseman with many more stepping forward to volunteer and show how they fight for creativity.

The Festival was the essence of what it means to have a voice and challenge silence. This was a culmination of new and experienced poets who wanted to show you their world and how they want to change it. Creation is a revolutionary act and we can all change the world starting with ourselves.

Poetry is for everyone as life is poetry.

Special thanks to:

Jason Conway

Sarah ‘Saffy’ Snell-Pym

Clive Oseman & Nick Lovell (Oooh Beehive)

Scott Cowley (Rusty Goat’s Poetry Corner)

Charlie Markwick

Jake Saw (Waterstones Gloucester)

Peter & Josephine Lay

The Fountain Inn, Gloucester, for its continued support for our monthly Villanelles event, held on the last Thursday of each month.

2018 Festival Sponsors

A special thank you to Charles Perkins of William Page LTD and The Secret Garden Children’s Day Nursery for his generous support.

Thanks to Jason Conway of Cre8urbrand, for his continued design and marketing support for the Festival and the Society.